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Website and online store are turnkey solutions
without one-time investments.

Pay for your web representation at the price of 50 euros per month without thinking about anything.

IT outsourcing
at a price of 18 euros/hour

PHP, JS, Yii2, Laravel, React, AngularJS, Vue.js, jQuery


About us

We are a large team of developers and marketing managers who are ready to implement your ideas and projects. We have been working since 2010 and are always up to date with the latest trends and novelties, we know which design is considered high-quality, which trends are relevant, how, where and why it is better to advertise and promote websites, we constantly monitor updates and news, so the programs on the servers we support always have stable and secure versions, and our code is good, professional and structured.

Turnkey solutions

We offer our clients a convenient concept of work, when without significant investments at the first stage you will be able to create for yourself the tools necessary for business promotion. Pay for a monthly subscription and get a full-fledged website or online store starting from 50 euros per month

Web site

50 €
Per month

Get a business card website that will include information about you, your business, your products, the cost of your products and services, information about location and contacts, a link to social networks. We will be able to update the information on a monthly basis according to your request, maintain the site, and place it on a reliable server. The subscription price is 50 euros/month.


250 €
Per month

An online store for your products, with detailed product cards, customized payment systems, advertising materials, a convenient administrator's office, a built-in CRM system, subscription management, order management. The subscription price is 250 euros per month.

Social Media Marketing

170 €
Per month

Facebook and Instagram pages are created for your business, and we make one unique post per week, decorated in your colors and with your identity. The subscription price is 170 euros per month. If you want us to post more often, for example, two times a week - 200 euros.

Social Media Advertising

of the advertising budget

For those who have purchased a subscription to maintain accounts in social networks, we offer analysis and development of an advertising strategy aimed at attracting subscribers or advertising a specific product or service. There are no hidden fees, our remuneration is always fixed and does not exceed 10% of the advertising budget.


We create a website for you that fully reflects the needs of you and your customers, no matter what you want to tell the world: about yourself, about your project, about your product and a service you provide. We will help you make exactly the website that reflects your philosophy. Author's design and unique images, texts prepared by us, thoughtful navigation - we will take into account all your wishes and make a website that business needs.

ERP/CRM development
  • Laravel, Yii2

  • AngularJS, React, Vue.js, jQuery

Software development
  • PHP, JS


Web site
  • WordPress

  • Bitrix

  • OctoberCMS

  • Prestashop

  • OpenCart

Digital Marketing

What we do to promote the company on social networks such as Instagram Facebook, Tik Tok, Telegram. Our team has extensive and versatile experience in search engine promotion (SEO) of projects of any scale from landing pages to the largest online stores, aggregators, marketplaces and news sites.

Social Media Marketing
  • Facebook, LinkedIn, VK

  • YouTube, Instagram, TikTok

  • Telegram

Social Media Advertising
  • Facebook Ads

  • TikTok Ads

Search Engine Reputation Management
  • Google

  • Yahoo!

  • Yandex

  • 256-Point Checklist

  • Best Practices 2023

Brand Development

Corporate identity development is one of the brand design services provided by us. Companies with their own unique corporate identity automatically receive one of the most important marketing tools — brand awareness.

Corporate identity development and naming
  • Unique memorable names

  • Nominees 2018

Interface Design and Usability
  • Convenient Interfaces

  • Modern Design

Packaging Design
  • Working Marketing

  • Selling Design

Video Production
  • Advertising Video

  • Motion Design

Recent Works

We Offer Digital Solutions

Web site

The Natural
Beauty Site

A classic SMB business card is something that we can do quickly and efficiently. Our task is to create a space that obviously tells about business, services, prices. It revealed the ideology and philosophy of the business owner. Thus, we were approached by the founder of a small business in Emilia-Romagna, the ALBA beauty salon, who wanted to tell the Internet about herself. We have prepared the concept of the site, discussed the visualization and prepared the texts that we used for the site, agreed everything with our customer, presented a choice of several line-up options, and as a result we got the site that you can see now. We picked up the domain name and organized the registration of the site. Our customer didn't have to think about anything, all the work was done turnkey, without headaches and worries.



Our task was to create a simple but functional online store that could support a changing product range, with linking payments using bank cards, paypal, the possibility of invoicing, calculating the cost of delivery depending on the distance, calculating discounts when the number of products in the basket changes, navigation along delivery routes, maintaining a customer base, a system of notifications when users contact, a system of mailings and notifications. This is the main functionality that was implemented in the shortest possible time by our team, it should be noted that in addition to the online store itself, we implemented a project to create a logo and came up with a name for it. In close contact with the founders of the project, a store appeared, which is popular in the region.

Web site and CRM

AI-Based Service
in Finance

This difficult but interesting case was implemented by us for the Debitto Fintec project, which implied not only the creation of a website telling about the functions of the service, but also provided for a wide range of functionality for creating applications for the sale and purchase of loan obligations, the organization of bidding within the system, complex communication among the participants in the process. We paid special attention to user convenience, studying possible solutions, describing user stories, working in close contact with the customer, who fully entrusted us with product development.


Business Development Ideas
for All

In our portfolio, there are pages of brands such as ACER or Beurer, but we would like to talk about a small brand. We were faced with the difficult task of creating a brand story on social networks from scratch, which would lead to an increase in sales. Our client is a Latvian bio-fuel manufacturer. Before that, we had developed a logo for the company, packaging solutions for their products, and now we had to help the business develop business in the Baltic States and in Europe. Our strategy was to create content that was really interesting for users, attracting attention, focusing on the quality of the product, which was supported by an exceptionally beautiful visual. Our specialists were able to support not only several accounts in social networks, but also different languages of communication with users. As part of the product promotion, advertising campaigns were launched with the creation of landing pages that showed a high ROMI score. Comprehensive brand support allowed the company to increase sales by 100% year-on-year.

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